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Jonathan Jenkins is an international coach and trainer, helping governments and businesses secure their software supply chains and establish resilient database systems.

He is now on a mission to bring his knowledge and experience to the masses with podcasts and speaking engagements.

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Jonathan is an entrepreneur at heart with multiple businesses, a patent, investor in multiple start-ups, and designer of revolutionary products like Lifecycle Sleuth and DataOpus.

Founder and owner of disruptiveOps, a boutique consulting firm focused on serving government agencies and highly regulated organizations seeking high-impact, low-investment, no-risk services, and tools to revolutionize their software engineering approach.

Founder and owner of Optimal Zero Firearms, a 5-star rated gun shop established to help patriots protect themselves from woke policies like defund the police and open borders.

In lieu of sleep, Jonathan is also a part-time professor with the Washington University of Science and Technology.

Jonathan’s formal education includes a Masters in Information Technology and a B.S. in Computer Studies.

He is also a Gunnery Sergeant of Marines and Iraq War Veteran.

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